Migrating CIF shares to a new location

Situation:  I am retiring to 980 heads and have already mirrored the data to it's new location, I just don't want to have to recreate 80 shares on the new location.  Is there an easy way to migrate this?  Thanks.

Re: Migrating CIF shares to a new location

Assuming no local groups in which case, you've got much bigger problems which can get into later if needed, there are a few ways to do this.  But first, if these are home directory shares, I'd strongly suggest looking into using the cifs.homedir option which can make this sort of thing much cleaner.  I've seen customers implement hundreds of hidden shares that were just homedirs for users and most of the time that can be avoided.

If that's not applicable here, then you can do this.  I won't say it's officially blessed by NGS, but it works pretty darn well in my experience here.  You can copy the /etc/cifsconfig_shares.cfg file over to the new controller, then stop and restart the cifs service.  Just in case, take a snapshot of vol0 so you can recover the old one if needed, but this has worked for me very well over the years.

Hope this helps.