Migrating Oracle using RMAN (From HP to NetApp)

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We have a customer that have 20 Oracle servers, running on Windows/Debian-Linux/Solaris.  We can use a host based SW solution from DoubleTake, but they do not support Debian and Solaris.

Do any of you know if we make a RMAN “snapshot” on the LUNs resided on the HP EVA, are these able to be used with the SnapManager for Oracle on the new NetApp system. And from this we can do an replication of the Oracle DB from the EVA to the NetApp system.

We would prefer not to have any host based solution to be used, since it uses the host performance and there are not support for all OS versions.

Is the ASM re-stamp of LUNs a solution ?

Any ideas ?

Re: Migrating Oracle using RMAN (From HP to NetApp)


I think what you actually need to do the trick is Oracle Data Guard.

Have a look at this document - strikingly similar setup to what you are describing: