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Migrating SnapVault relationships to new secondary device

I'm in the process of planning the arrival of a new 3210 to act as a backup device to replace our aging 3040

I've been trying to figure out the best way to migrate the existing snapvault relationships (including the qtree data, not quite so worried about all the snapshots) from the old to the new device. This system is located at a European hub site and all the data is coming in from remote sites throughout Europe. Baselining isn't an option.

The following kb was my starting point:

Scenario 1 option 2 of this document looked like a good candidate except that obviously I can't VSM from my 32 bit 3040 to the 64 bit 3210

I've worked through Scenario 3 and have been able to transfer the data across and maintain the snapvault relationship. However it's a pretty arduous task with many potential pitfalls and it would seem that I'd have to have all the users off the primary at each of the remote sites while I perform the tasks between the old and new secondary or run the risk of data loss on those primaries.

Is this really my only/best option?

I'd be interested to hear from anyone else who has been through this exercise or has a better idea of how to make the process more straightforward




Migrating SnapVault relationships to new secondary device


I guess I would run 32-bit aggregates and just VSM things over.  There is talk of plans for a 32 to 64-bit in place migration of aggregates later in the 8.x tree that could save us all a little work.  I guess if you are using extremely large disks then this isn't the most attractive idea either, but unless you can shuffle some disks/aggregates from some site closer to your sources, then there aren't a lot of options besides off-lining your source data for some hours at a time.