Migrating individuals home directories

What is the best way to migrate individual home directory from one filer to another filer?

I have users who are in EMEA, and APAC, im trying to migrate some users who no longer live in those geo sites to my filer in santa clara.

anyone knows what the best practice for this is?


Re: Migrating individuals home directories

If volume snapmirror and qtree snapmirror are not an option (unless each user has their own qtree - not a best practice...but if you can group by qtree it might work), then ndmpcopy works very well.  It supports levels 0,1 and 2 so you can do two incrementals after the baseline.  It leaves a "restore_symboltable" file when done that you can clean up later.  Depending on the host type you can also host replicate...we use robocopy (free) and securecopy (license fee) often on Windows and rsync on Unix/Linux.  VFM is a great tool too for migrations but end of life now.  The advantage of ndmpcopy is it is NetApp to NetApp and doesn't need a host...