Migrating snapvault source.

We have many snapvault relationships set up and we use dfm to setup the snapvault relationships and monitor the backups of the snapvaults.  We are currently using V8.0.2P1 , and the filer where the snapvault source is on is going to be moved to a new filer now.  So we are now going to move all the volumes/shares to a new filer.

I wanted to find out what would be the recommended steps in changing the snapvault relationship now that we are moving the snapvault sources to a new filer and we dont want to start new intialize or a new baseline transfer.  The snapvault secondary will stay where they are on its current filer.

Any ideas.

Re: Migrating snapvault source.

You will need to Snap Mirror the SV source to the new location and then modify the relationship in Protection Manager.

Here is a good article on how to do this in Protection Manager:

If you have any questions, let me know and I will do my best :-)

Re: Migrating snapvault source.

we dont use protection manager.

We use DFM though.

Any thoughts on this.

Re: Migrating snapvault source.

Then all you would need to do would Snap Mirror the source volume to the new location and then update the Snap Vault relationship to the new source location.

Re: Migrating snapvault source.

do you know which snapvault commands i need to use, if the current source filer is called oldsourcefiler1, with volume oldsourcevol, and qtree called oldsourceqtree.  And the new source filer is would replace the old with new for example.  The destination filer would be for example destfiler, with destvolume and destqtree.

Are you able to advise.