Migrating to 3140

Hello, first time posting on the forums.

I am migrating from a/a 3020 to a 3140. The 3020 is mirrored to fas270 at a dr site. The new 3140 head B has been setup with 2 DS14MK4 wi 300gb Fc drives. I going to move a sata shelf off the old filer and connect and assign it to the new filer head A. The sata shelf's flex vols are mirrored to the fas 270. Can i re establish the snapmirror without having to reintialize? Also what is the best way to migrate luns which are mapped via snapdrive,sme and smsql? TIA

Re: Migrating to 3140

I believe the SnapMirror connection shouldn't be an issue as you're taking the entire volume over along with the baseline snapshot + other snapshots. You'll want to make sure that the 270 is at the same or later ONTap version however (regular volume SnapMirror requirements).

For SME/SMSQL, you'll want to do something like....

  • stop SQL/Exchange/etc.
  • disconnect the LUNs in SnapDrive and remove them from the system
  • migrate the shelf to the new NetApp
  • make the LUNs available to the SQL/Exchange server from the new NetApp (igroup setup, LUN from an existing file -- this part I'm not quite sure of -- can anyone correct me here?)
  • using SnapDrive, connect to an existing LUN on the SQL/Exchange server making sure to use the same drive letters

I would model some of this if you don't have to move the shelf but could do some of it with a new volume/LUN/SnapDrive and testing the steps.