Migrations of LUNs and CIFS to new Hardware

Currently we have a FAS2050 and two DS14MKZ shelves

There is approximately 2TB of data on the SAS FAS2050 in an iSCSI LUN that is serving as a datastore for VMs.

We then have about 8TB of sata data on the shelves in the form of CIFs shares.

We are implementing a new sas FAS2240A-2 and sata DS4243.

We are going to configure the new environment as a 1-1 configurations to the current system.

We just have not migrated data between NetApps before and need any suggestions on how others have done this.

We currently do not have SnapDrive or any other Snap product.  Is this the best method or are there other tools?

Or... if you can point in the direction of data migration documentation that would be great.

Thank you in advance.

Re: Migrations of LUNs and CIFS to new Hardware

You could use snapmirror with a cutover... or if you are running vFilers, you can vfiler migrate or data motion the vFiler to the new FAS2240A for almost no or non-disruptive migration with data motion.

Storage vMotion might be a good fit as well and migrate all from the host side.