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Missing Space in Qtree

Greetings all,


This one is a head scratcher.  I have a volume which is at 77% capacity, and a qtree within the volume that is at 8% usage, but, the user is unable to move data, only 10GB, to the qtree, which comes back out of space. 


Just to test, I have increased both the volume and qtree, and the same error shows.  Does anyone know why the available space in the qtree is not allowing the user to access it and utilize it?


Thanks in advance for your assistance.




Re: Missing Space in Qtree

do you maybe have per-user quota set? is it only for him on the same volume? can he write on other volumes ?

Re: Missing Space in Qtree

I wish that NetApp had a per-user quota setting.  It would make my life so much easier.

Re: Missing Space in Qtree

NetApp have per-user and per-group quota on both 7 mode and cdot. it's working not so nicely as it's file owner based and not whole folder based -  but exists....   you can try disableing quota on given volumes and see if he still hit the problem... it might not even be a quota.


it can also be an old entry that exists only in memory and not the file(7mode)/db(cdot) so  you can't see it. disabling-enabling the quota on the volume will solve this.

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On the topic of per group quota, do you happen to have the cli for this?  I would love to lock down a users folder so that they do not go over their given size.  Thanks.

Re: Missing Space in Qtree

Hi @Harisheldon


Ther's some examples here on how to target a whole tree, per-user quota in tree, per-group of users quota in tree:



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Very good article but, while reading some of articles, one thing that I was unable to get clarification on.  When you create a limit, like 5GB per user, does it create a qtree for each user?  If so, that is a lot of work to manage the qtrees.  I was hoping for something that was a bit more transparent.  Correct me if I am wrong, which I may be, when you create new qtrees, it is like partitioning a sector on a hard drive, you will lose some space for each partition.  This goes with the creation of the qtrees.  When you have over 10,000 users, that is a lot of space to be losing.  Please give me your opinion on this.  Thanks.