Monitor LIF Performance



Is there a tool, be it OCI or OPM or anything else, that allows LIF monitoring?  Customer is interested in monitoring the performance at the LIF level.


Any suggestions?





Re: Monitor LIF Performance



statistics show-periodic -object lif -instance node_name:lif_name




statistics show-periodic -object lif -instance node-5:lif_nfs4



you can also filter it to counters:



statistics show-periodic -object lif -instance node-5:lif_nfs4 -counter instance_name|recv_data|sent_data



here are the 'lif' counters:



Counter                           Description
--------------------------- ----------------------------------------------
instance_name             Name of the logical interface (LIF) instance
instance_uuid               UUID for the logical interface (LIF) instance
node_name                   System node name
node_uuid                     System node id
process_name               Ontap process that provided this instance
recv_data                      Number of bytes received per second
recv_errors                    Number of received Errors per second
recv_packet                   Number of packets received per second
sent_data                      Number of bytes sent per second
sent_errors                    Number of sent errors per second
sent_packet                   Number of packets sent per second
up_time                         Interface up time
vserver_id                      ID of the Vserver
vserver_name                Name of the Vserver