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Monitoring vscan on CDOT



Is it possible to monitor vscan using OnCommand Unified Manager or with the Ontap Powershell toolkit?

We are running Data ONTAP 8.3.2




Re: Monitoring vscan on CDOT

Hi Philip,



Yes we do have command on powershell 





PS C:\Toolkit\3.1>  Get-NcCommand -Category vscan



Name                                Category        Family               Api

----                                --------        ------               ---

Disable-NcVscan                     vscan           {vserver}            {vscan-status-modify}

Disable-NcVscanOnAccessPolicy       vscan           {vserver}            {vscan-on-access-policy-modify}

Enable-NcVscan                      vscan           {vserver}            {vscan-status-modify}

Enable-NcVscanOnAccessPolicy        vscan           {vserver}            {vscan-on-access-policy-modify}

Get-NcVscanConnection               vscan           {cluster, vserver}   {vscan-connection-status-all-get-iter}

Get-NcVscanConnectionStats          vscan           {cluster, vserver}   {vscan-connection-extended-stats-get-iter}

Get-NcVscanOnAccessPolicy           vscan           {cluster, vserver}   {vscan-on-access-policy-get-iter}

Get-NcVscanScannerPool              vscan           {cluster, vserver}   {vscan-scanner-pool-get-iter}

Get-NcVscanScannerPoolActive        vscan           {cluster, vserver}   {vscan-active-scanner-pool-get-iter}

Get-NcVscanStatus                   vscan           {cluster, vserver}   {vscan-status-get-iter}

New-NcVscanOnAccessPolicy           vscan           {vserver}            {vscan-on-access-policy-create}

New-NcVscanScannerPool              vscan           {vserver}            {vscan-scanner-pool-create}

Remove-NcVscanOnAccessPolicy        vscan           {vserver}            {vscan-on-access-policy-delete}

Remove-NcVscanScannerPool           vscan           {vserver}            {vscan-scanner-pool-delete}

Reset-NcVscan                       vscan           {vserver}            {vscan-reset}

Set-NcVscanOnAccessPolicy           vscan           {vserver}            {vscan-on-access-policy-modify}

Set-NcVscanScannerPool              vscan           {vserver}            {vscan-scanner-pool-modify}








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Re: Monitoring vscan on CDOT

Re: Monitoring vscan on CDOT

I was looking for the vscan events, it's not documented but the command Get-NcVscanEvents is available.


Thanks Nayab

Re: Monitoring vscan on CDOT

Hi Nayab,


That's for an old version of OCUM. Is there something more up do date, we are using version 6.4.



Re: Monitoring vscan on CDOT

Hey Philip, 




Right now i don't have access to the OCUM may be you can check from the counters you should be able to find vscan option.... Let me know.