Mount Snapshot to other server

Hi All:

We are trying to mount snapshots of our ERP servers to another server. Is their any way that we can mount snapshots of ERP server to another server without touching ERP server volume.

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Re: Mount Snapshot to other server

If you have Flexclone license enabled on the filer, you can clone the  parent volume based on snapshots. It will be ready for mount operations on the other servers.

Please check the man page if you need some reference for CLI



Re: Mount Snapshot to other server

If this is a SAN volume, then flex_clone is the vay to go.  If this is a NAS volume, then just NFS mount up the .snapshot directory and read away.  If you need r/w access, then flex_clone is again your answer.

Re: Mount Snapshot to other server


  • in a SAN environment, there is a LUN clone option (no cost but not as robust as FlexClone).
  • if using SnapManager for SQL, there is some nice "clone database" integration which might fit very well here.