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Mounting a snapmirror destination volume readonly

I have a source volume on a local filer that is setup for CIFS protocol and has a share with no qtrees. The volume is snapmirrored to a destination volume on a peered remote filer. Is it possible to have the destination volume on the remote filer be made available readonly so that people may access the share? I want the snapmirror relationship to stay intact. I did not want to clone the destination volume because I want the share to be available at all times.


The problem I am trying to solve is to make local files available at the remote location so they are not dragged across the WAN everytime.




Re: Mounting a snapmirror destination volume readonly


Dan -


Yes, you can.


It's very common.


I hope this response has been helpful to you.


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Re: Mounting a snapmirror destination volume readonly

Thanks for letting me know I am able to do this. Could you point me towards any documentation that would help me setting this up. I have not located any so far.