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Move LUN to another volume


Is it possible to move a LUN to another volume on the same filer?

I am running ontap 8.0.2.

Thank you in advance


Move LUN to another volume


That depends what do you mean by 'move' - disruptively, or non-disruptively?

For the former, you can use a bunch of methods, e.g. SnapMirror from source volume to a target volume (if it's empty), use NDMP copy, etc.

For the latter, you may consider DataMotion:

But the source & destination aggregate must be different.



Move LUN to another volume

I would prefer non-disruptive.

With snapmirror it would be:

1: snapmirror the LUN from one volume to antoher

2: Shutdown the host connected to the LUn

3: Sync with snapmirror

4: Move initiatorgroup from the old LUN to the new

5: Delete old_lun

Is the same possible with NDMP-copy?

Datamotion only moves volumes, not individual LUN's.

Move LUN to another volume

I would add one step:

4a: Boot up the host & check everything works

& then delete old LUN

With NDMP you need to shut down your host first & then copy the LUN.

Re: Move LUN to another volume

Can you elaborate on the commands to perform this action. I am very new to the Netapp and my previous method of moving LUNs is using a Windows based Sync App.