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Move a SnapMirror Destination Volume


I have a problem where a project has bought a disk shelf but that shelf will not be available until after go live. Not really a problem as i can borrow some disks from the spares pool for a couple of months (i have lots of spares).

Anyway to ensure the project goes ahead i have created a new aggregate out of the spares and have created some snapmirror desitination volumes, i have configured snapmirror and we have started the migration of data into the SM destinations, SM kicks off overnight and transfeers data without any problem, however at some point i will need to move the SM destination volumes onto thier new shelf and migrate the data to these volumes.

The Destination volumes are in a data center but the source volumes are in a remote site (fairly good links though) but even so i do not want to have to do a full data transfeer to the new volumes over the WAN in the future.

I am planning on doing a vol copy to from the old destination to the new destination, rename the old volume, rename the new volume to the old volume name and resync, I did manage to do this once on a small progile volume (5GB) but am having problems with the NAS reporting the volume is not online or is not restricted.

I think i am close but missing something can you have a look at what i intecd to do and spot any problems


SM Primary - NAS1:V_Profiles_NAS1

SM Destination - NAS2:VDR_Profiles_NAS1 (aggr1)


SM Primary - NAS1:V_Profiles_NAS1

SM Destination - NAS2:VDR_Profiles_NAS1 (aggr2)

On Destination

vol create VDR_Profiles_NAS1_New aggr2 100g

snapmirror update VDR_Profiles_NAS1

snapmirror off

vol copy start VDR_Profiles_NAS1 VDR_Profiles_NAS1_New

vol rename V_Profiles_NAS1 V_Profiles_NAS1_Old

vol rename VDR_Profiles_NAS1_New VDR_Profiles_NAS1

snapmirror on

vol restrict VDR_Profiles_NAS1

snapmirror resync -S NAS1:V_Profiles_NAS1 VDR_Profiles_NAS1

Whilst the volume names look complex a "V_" in front reflects a primary Volume, a "VDR_" reflects a Volume Disaster Recovery" copy and the _NAS1 after the identifier lets me know where the primary data sits as i have quite a few devices snapmirroring to this central DR NAS (NAS2).

Is my "vol restrict" in the right place, do i have any errors in the commands, order or syntax and any idea why i am having trouble with "the volume is not online or restricted" when trying to get the resync working.

All SnapMirrors are VSM


Paul S


Re: Move a SnapMirror Destination Volume

If I have understood your question correctly you have this:

Source_Filer:Srcvol  Dest_filer:Olddestvol

And you want to migrate from Dest_filer:Newdestvol.

The way I do this is to use snapmirror for this, so I:

1) Create Newdestvol

2) vol restrict Newdestvol

3) snapmirror initalize -S dest_filer:Olddestvol Newdestvol

Wait until this is done.

4) snapmirror resync -S dest_filer:Olddestvol Newdestvol

(This will grab any subsequent changes since I made the baseline and ensure I share the baseline snapshot)

5) snapmirror break Newdestvol

6) snapmirror resync  -S Source_Filer:Srcvol  Dest_filer:Newdestvol

(This will make the link between the source and Newdestvol based on the Last Common Snapshot which will be the baseline)

7) Update snapmirror.conf if desired.

You may need to comment out the config entries in snapmirror.conf if the filer complains that -S is pointing to something other than what is configured there.

Hope this helps!