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Move volume to the new aggregate

Hi ,

I'm using Ontap 7.5.

At the present all of volumes is on aggr 0 (FC disk) and I'd like to move these volumes to aggr2 (SATA disk )

Can you please show me know how to implement it ?



Re: Move volume to the new aggregate

I would create aggregate aggr2, create volumes with the same size as volumes on aggr0, and use "vol copy" command to copy content of volumes from aggr0 to corresponding volumes on aggr2. You will need to make sure nobody is changing source volumes, otherwise copy will be incomplete. Once done, you can in principle destroy old volumes and rename new ones to the same name. Or rename old volumes and keep them for some time as safety measure.

If you want to move root volume as well, just designate its destination on aggr2 as root volume using "vol options root" and reboot.

Re: Move volume to the new aggregate

Hello aborzenkov,

Would you be kind enough to also share your experiences or any tool set which will allow the data copy between aggr with source volume still able to change/ able to write new data while the copy in progress, so the user don't even notice the change?

Thanks in advance & Happy Holiday!


Re: Move volume to the new aggregate

Using Snapmirror you'll have a very small downtime and during the copying phase your users doesn't experience any outage.

I have done a lot of migration using this approach and always work without problems.

See you!


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Re: Move volume to the new aggregate

Normally I use snapmirror. It still needs downtime, but snapmirror allows incremental updates, so final update can be very small, needing several minutes for final cutover. For NFS there is also "snapmirror migrate" which - with some luck - may even work online. It is licensed product, but may be you could ask your NetApp representative for demo license.

You could also make initial copy with "vol copy" and then use host based tools like rsync or robocopy to catch up.

Both approaches still need final downtime, just let you to minimize it.

True online volume migration is possible either for volumes with LUN under 8.x 7-mode, or using 8.x Cluster mode for any volume. As you are running 7G, neither applies to you.

Re: Move volume to the new aggregate

Thank you for your all advices

My problem is solved

1) Create volume on SATA with volume_new  (Netapp tool)

2)Set up Snapmirror (Netapp tool )

3) Shutdown database and application belonging to the volumes on FC disk 

4) Disconnect volumes from server  ( Will I use these commands ? )

5) Update,quisce and break on the new volumes on SATA disk (Netapp tool)

6) Rename volumes on FC disk to volume_old

7) Rename volumes_new on SATA disk to volume

8) Check if luns exist on the volumes (ioscan command)

9) Remove all volume_old on FC disk.