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Move volume?

I have a netap 3020 with a mix of scsi and sata disks. My storage on my scsi is getting too full and I just purchsed an additional shelf of sata disks. I would like to move the data from the scsi volume to the sata and retain permissions as well as the old vlume name if possible. can this be done easily and how?


Re: Move volume?

You can. You can use either Volume SnapMirror (if you have a SnapMirror license) or vol copy if you do not to move the data. Then you can make the volume name the same with the vol rename command.

If you have NAS exports, you may still have to recreate those as vol rename will typically change your exports as well. Note: This is not transparent and data will need to be inaccessible (or at least read-only) during the data move (or only for the final data move in the case of SnapMirror). But both are block-level moves so permissions should stay the same.

NetApp Professional Services can also come in on a contract basis and do the moves for you if you choose. But bottom line, it is posible.

Re: Move volume?

Do you have any luns on the volumes?

If so you will need note the disk ID [serial_number] of the lun.

lun show -v

Power off the server, offline the lun, move the volume to the new aggregate then

lun serial lun_path [serial_number]

Online lun, add igroup, cifs power on the server

Re: Move volume?

Let me know if you need anymore help as I have just moved 30+ volumes and have a script to speed up the process.

Re: Move volume?

Actually Yes that would be great if you could email to me at ?

Re: Move volume?

There is a relatively easy way to do it (assuming no LUNs of course):

1. Add SATA shelf

2. Create new aggregate using the newly added SATA drives

3. Create new flexible volume on new aggregate called "original_volume_name_new"

4. NDMP copy the contents of the original volume to the new volume

5. Schedule an outage for the folks who access the volume you want to move

6. NDMP copy level 1 the contents of the original volume (level 1 only copies changes since baseline copy); should be very fast

7. Rename source volume to "original_volume_name_orig"

8. Rename destination volume to "original_volume_name

9. Re export your nfs filesystems

Re: Move volume?

I would point out that using ndmpcopy in this manner will probably not give you an identical volume copy.

Running the ndmpcopy level 1 will copy over any new files, but will not delete any files that have been deleted on the source volume in the time since the level 0 was run.

Net effect is that there will likely be some extra files after this process.

In my opinion, using SnapMirror within the same controller is a better way of doing this, as SM will give you that short cutover time as well as properly reflecting deleted files on the destination.

Temporary license keys for SnapMirror are easy enough to generate.

Re: Move volume?

If you want an exact copy and can be down for a single transfer (or at least read-only), then you could also use vol copy which does not require a SnapMirror license and is basically a level-0 only version of volume snapmirror. There is also an aggegate level version of this called aggr copy.

Just another option.

Re: Move volume?

Email sent

Re: Move volume?

Would the vol copy also retain snapshots of the volume?

And if this answer to this is yes can I use it to move an existing snapmirror source volume to a new aggregate, retain its name (rename after move) and then just carry on snapmirroring it without having to reinitialise it?