Moving aggregate ownership to cluster partner controller

Hi guys, I have a FAS270 single controller that will be made into a cluster soon but I have some questions on what impact it will have.

currently the single FAS270 controller has 4 shelves which is its maximum. If I were to make it into a cluster I would want to distribute the

aggregates across the two controllers to balance the load so each controller would own about 2 shelves worth of disks and the which in

my case is about an aggregate per shelf. If I just offline the aggregate and unassign those disks on the shelf to the other controller will

the aggregate be intact?

If you guys have any other ideas on how to achieve this I would be very grateful.


Re: Moving aggregate ownership to cluster partner controller

You would use software ownership to configure the disk ownership. The aggregate would be distroyed in the process from what I understand of it.

You would have to copy / snapmirror the volumes to a tempary aggregate

Delete the old aggregate

Assign the disks

Create a new aggregate

Copy / snapmirror the volumes

Set up the shares

Set lun disk ID

Bring your host online