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Multi Tenancy Management Question


Hopefully quick question regarding filer management in a multi tenancy scenario.

We may be looking to migrate from an EMC Celerra to a Netapp filer.  i've got a copy of the Data Ontap 8.0.1 simulator and have been running some tests to ensure a netapp filer can provide the same features we are used to and that we can present data via a netapp filer.

All was going well, I can create multistore vfilers with DR failover using ipspace,vlans in different configs.

However looking at the management side am I right in saying that management access both cli and gui, that the ipaddress and ethernet port used must reside in the default-ipspace ?

We have four ports per controller so I was thinking that each company would have two ethernet ports in a vif, with vlans in their own ipspace.  But I can't move vfiler0 into a non default ipspace therefore this configuration would not work ?

Any sugggestions how I can allow management access from both companies yet keep each companies traffic separate ?

Any advice or help greatly appreciated

Multi Tenancy Management Question

If you are not running FCP, you can put only e0M (100MBIT management interface) and vol0 in vfiler0 and the default-ipspace.  vfiler0 and the default-ipspace cannot be changed but you can assign the minimum root and e0M to it... then for all other data assign to vFilers. 

Re: Multi Tenancy Management Question

Thank you for your reply Scott and confirming where vfiler0 must reside

As I have been using the simulators I hadn't realised there was a separate management port on a physical device. 

This should allow us to accomplish our aims in that Site A where one Filer is located we can use the management port if they are in a non default ipspace. Whilst Site B can use the default ipspace.  All client traffic from both sites would then be routed independently.

Just to clarify one quick point if I may. You mention regarding FCP we have no fibre connected hosts yet, but I imagine we will at some point. Are you saying that any FC attached host can manage the filer ?

Re: Multi Tenancy Management Question

I replied via email but that is broken now and doesn't post...  

FCP can only run in vfiler0... so FCP LUNS can't be in a vfiler other than vfiler0.  The FCP host isn't for management... e0M can be used to manage the system via ssh, system manager, etc...

Multi Tenancy Management Question

Excellent Thanks for clearing that up.

Re: Multi Tenancy Management Question

Fcp is not supported in vfilers exept vfiler0 so fcp lus have to be in vfiler0.

Actual management is separate from fcp.

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