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Multiple Root Volumes

Hi all,

We currently have a single head unit we are decomissioning with a single aggregate across two DS14MK4 disk shelves running ONTAP 7.3.6. We are going to shut this filer down and lift and shift the two disk shelves and hot attach them to a cluster running 8.0.2.

My question is, as the data we require is contained in the same aggregate as vol0 (bad practice I know, but we didn't have the spare disks), when we online this aggregate are we going to have two root volumes, or is NetApp going to 'unmark' root from the new vol0?

I'm assuming that because the filer is already running and knows which volume it booted from, provided we remove the new vol0 before the next boot we should be OK. However, I was wondering if anyone had any further information. After all, this is the kind of random thing that could possibly cause the filer to panic.

None of the filers are currently in production, but obviously we would like this to go as smoothly as possible.

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Re: Multiple Root Volumes

If one filer is up and running and you hot-add that shelf, it will mark the root als foreign and invalid, so you can delete it afterwards.

Re: Multiple Root Volumes

Great, thanks Thomas. We are performing this next Tuesday and will post how we get on.

Re: Multiple Root Volumes

Hi Thomas,

Essentially yes, when we hot added the shelves it renamed the clone to vol0(1) and removed the root label.

Tue Feb 28 12:58:48 GMT [!!!: wafl.vv.rename.dup:notice]: Duplicate flexible volume name 'vol0' changed to 'vol0(1)' in aggregate '!!!'.

Tue Feb 28 12:58:50 GMT [!!!: wafl.vol.mislabeled.root:warning]: Volume 'vol0(1)' was incorrectly labeled as root. Removing the label.