Multistore and SnapMirror


I have two 3140A filers, one has FC disks, and the new one has SATA with PAMII. Both have the multistore and SnapMirror licenses. All volumes are in vfilers, no resources are in vfiler0.

How do I configure snapmirror.access? I can't put an IP address since the only IP address available on vfiler0 is e0m, for management. When I configure this on vfiler0, will it work for all vfilers?

Also TR-3462 is from 2006!! Has this not been updated since?



Re: Multistore and SnapMirror

You can mirror from vfiler0 or the vfiler itself.  If you are using vfiler migrate, data motion or vfiler dr, the mirror is run from vfiler0.  So, if you set "options snapmirror.access" from vfiler0, then vfiler0 can replicate all volumes (even vfiler volumes) with the access settings.  To set in the vfiler itself, "vfiler run vfilername options snapmirror.access" to set the access... and if the same for all vfilers you can use * for the vfilername.  If you don't want to use vfiler0 for replication, you don't need to set snapmirror.access in vfiler0.

There is a multistore faq by Roger Weeks that has a lot of good information and Roger is also working on updating some of the other docs.