Multistore - ipspace interface assignments

I would like to have multiple vfilers on a single FAS head that would use a single vlan via the ipspace, but with each vfiler having their own IP within that vlan (routing to same gateway obviously OK). Is this somehow achievable? How would one go about doing this sort of configuration?

It appears I need to assign an interface to the ipspace, not the actual IP and vlan (tag), so it doesn't look possible based on the way one creates the interface group with the vlans and then assigned that interface to the ipspace, and subsequent vfiler. We are not wanting to create a new vlan every time a new request for a vfiler is made when they can all exist within the same network segment. Any ideas?

Re: Multistore - ipspace interface assignments

Your assumptions are correct.  An interface (either a port like e0a, an ifgrp like ifgrp0 (containing e0a/e1a for example), or a vlan ifgroup0-15 are assigned to the ipspace.  If you want to share the same vlan (and same routing table) with multiple vfilers, I would put all vfilers in the same ipspace, then use ip aliasing off of that same vlan.  Then the first vfiler would assign an ip to the vlan and subsequent vfilers would assign an ifconfig alias to that same interface.  You could have additional interfaces on the same vlan from different vfilers too (and in the same or different ipspace) but that depends on if you have ports available and if you want to separate on different interfaces.