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MySQL and Oracle ....


I have been wondering if anyone has a feeling on the future of MySQL since Oracle purchased Sun.

My point is .... I hope MySQL maintains a future.

Anyone know? Rumors?


Re: MySQL and Oracle ....

Hello ...

I know it is a bit odd to respond to myself ... but ... oh well  ;-)

While at home last night, I did some checking and some asking on the topic of Oracle, MySQL, OpenSolaris .... etc.

This is by no means authoritative and merely what I see on the Internet:

1. Oracle is a great site to see all that our friends at Oracle are doing in the OpenSource Community

2. In fact MySQL is mentioned there

3. I do want to point out that my friends who do DBA consulting for independent firms expound on the merits of PostgreSQL too. Check it out.

4. From an OpenSolaris perspective, I was sad to see that the latest stable download looks like it is from 2009. I am hoping it will catch fire under Oracle's leadership.


Re: MySQL and Oracle ....

From what i understand, it seems that opensolaris is all but dead.  It had issues with Sun and feature parity with regular solaris let alone now with oracle and little to no investment as of yet from it's new owners or the community at large.  I don't see Oracle being a big player/contributer to the OSS movement, if only because of their staunchly proprietary history.  I don't emphasize one or the other(oss or proprietary, each has their merits) but i don't believe Oracle thinks it's in their best interests to contribute a lot to either product.

I had a suspicion that the brand that was MySQL was all Sun really wanted and with Oracle being a direct comptetor will likely let it die on the vine.  It'll fork(and i believe has since done so) and will live on by another name, but that'll hinder it's wider adoption among other vendors till it's able to establish it's own identity.

Postgres is a nice DB server indeed, but doesn't have the brand that MySQL did and as such is lacking support from the major vendors that i've seen.

It's sad as i liked both products and now both are likely to diverge or wither away from a community support standpoint.  It's a tightrope walk with OSS and business because so much relies upon the community and the relationship it has with the business that determines whether the project thrives or not.  that's my 2 cents anyways.  

Re: MySQL and Oracle ....


Thanks for your 2 cents.

What are your thoughts on Solaris itself? Will it survive?

I am referring to SPARC chipset in a sense.

Although Solaris continues to be supported on Intel and AMD ... even 64bit AFAIK ..., I wonder if Solaris/SPARC will survive.

Anyone know ?

Re: MySQL and Oracle ....

Here is an OLD (5-2009) article on that topic: entitled "Ellison Insists Sun's Sparc Still Has a Future"

I quote from the article:

"His argument is that, by designing hardware and software together to work as a system, it’s possible to avoid the low-margin trap of the commodity server business. Sparc is a key part of that, says Ellison"

I am going to keep an eye on .... But, their "latest" news flash is "January 27, 2010 Oracle Completes Acquisition of Sun" .

What I believe I have seen in our common neck of the woods is adoption of not only Linux ... but more expansion of IBM AIX ... interesting enough.

Again, just thinking aloud.

Re: MySQL and Oracle ....

I see solaris development continuing for awhile, but i'm not sure about sparc hardware in particular.

If they'res enough sparc/solaris/oracledb installations and growth it should continue but i see a lot of people, for better or worse, going with MS Server/MS SQL or Linux/MySQL/Postgres on generic x64 platforms in my particular market segment.