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Mysterious behaviour - re direction and user quotas

I have enabled folder redirection for win 7 “My Documents” – The destination is a qtree with a 1GB User hard quota enabled with an 800MB warning– SMB2 is also enabled – Lastly, offline files are set to sync at log on / log off via group policy.

Testing with the client works as expected hitting the warning and limit – Offline files also works as expected syncing changed data once the client is back on the network.

However……. If I place say 2GBs worth of data within “My Documents” while offline, then connect back to the network and log on I receive no warning, error etc etc. In fact, when I look at both the local “My Documents” and the location (via UNC) on the qtree ALL the 2GBs of data is there. Checking the system does state that the hard limit has been reached, however, the data is still there and usable!

However… If I “df –Vm  vol_name”  only 1023MB (my hard limit) has been consumed within the host volume (no dedup etc had been enabled).

If I try and modify a file when connected to the network at this point, sure enough I receive the not sufficient disk space error….

I could maybe understand the behavior if only looking within the “My Documents” on the local client as caching may be at work, however, when I UNC up to the qtree the data is there! I cannot understand this…????

Oh, I forgot to mention, the client logs report no errors at all and the system is DOT 8.1 7 Mode…


Re: Mysterious behaviour - re direction and user quotas

this was caching at work - i was UNC'ing from the same client machine - i used a GPO to set a 1023MB limit on offline file cache to prevent exceeding while offline