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NDMP Restore to C-DOT

Hi we are in the process of switching an old netapp installation with Ontap 7.3.7 to a pair of new filers with c-dot under 8.3 i guess. I have a question regarding the restore of old backups. On our old filers we are doing the backup of the cifs volume (qtrees) with emc networker 8. My question is will i be able to restore data (docs, xls, etc.) from old backups to the new c-dot cifs area ?


Re: NDMP Restore to C-DOT

As per page below dump/restore should work fine between 7-Mode and cDOT:


We've got info from Netapp that NDMP restore of data backed up in 7-Mode with Backup SW >should<  work error free in cDOT.


I would consider following actions before upgrade to cDOT:

- make sure to use AD based auth and avoid CIFS local groups

- at first step upgrade storage system to 7-Mode  8.1.4 (,convert aggrs) and take full backup



Re: NDMP Restore to C-DOT

just spoken with collegue: backup of CIFS data taken in 7-mode (dot 8.1.2) was successfully restored over NDMP (node scope configuration as Networker does not support CAB NDMP extention yet) with NW in cDOT (8.2.2p2).



Re: NDMP Restore to C-DOT



thanks for you reply. Meanwhile we did test with Ontap Simulator 8.3 and i can confirm that ndmp restores from our old environment are working. The only issue we have right now is that the ACL´s don´t get restored somehow, but the data itself is ok.

Re: NDMP Restore to C-DOT

We are having the same issue.

Re: NDMP Restore to C-DOT

Same issue here.

Re: NDMP Restore to C-DOT

We successfully restored from 7-mode vol backups to cDOT vol using Networker  7-mode was 8.2p6 and new cDOT cluster is 8.3.2p4.


Had to use networker cli though but so far all is successful:


"C:\Users\backupuser>nsrndmp_recover  -s <networker_server> -c <netapp_7-mode_controller> -S <networker_SSID> -v off -m <netapp_cDOT_svm_name>::/<netapp_cDOT _svm_name>/<volume_name>/<folder> /vol/<netapp_7-mode_volume_name>/<folder>



where -c is the old netapp controller running 7-mode."