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NDMP backup question


My question is about snapshot corrupstions in a tape backup time.

The situation: there 2 site. On primary site there is a SMVI backup with 5 snapshots and after backup the SMVI_snapvault

script send the snapshot to secondary site every day at 10pm. On the secondary site there is a CA server with NDMP communication and control

the backup between Sec storage FC and tape library FC. This backup starts every friday at 11pm. CA search a "SMVI_daily_recent.0" snapshot on secondary storage  and needs to send about 900GB data. The backup time depend on volume size. Now about 23-24 hours long bacause 900GB 1,3TB volume size.

Could it be corrupted data on the tape if CA not finised its job but SMVI_daily_recent.0 renamed to SMVI_daily_recent.1 after 10pm?

How could be resolve this problem?

Should I rename the snapshot from SMVI_daily_recent.0 to SMVI_daily_dont_touch while I backup the weekly tape?




Re: NDMP backup question

When you run an NDMP dump the filer will take and use a snapshot of the volume which will be held as busy until the dump is completed. So, you cannot have corruption when another snapshot is scheduled. What I don't know, however, is how SMVI and/or Snapvault will react to a busy snapshot. I believe a busy snapshot can be renamed without affecting anything?


Re: NDMP backup question


So I have to check the status of the recent.0 snapshot while the NDMP dump running.

And I have to check the rename procedure at 10pm.