NFS Support / Backup - Restore Functions

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is NFS Support on the roadmap for the next version of the OSC Plug-In. Our environment is Ontap 8.1.2 [7-mode] and Oracle VM v.3.1.1


In the documentation and video I miss generell backup and restore functions like in the VSC [virtual storage console for VMware vSphere]:

- restore wizard

- single file restore

- pre / post task integration

- snapmirror integration [only volume sm or also qtree sm?]

- email-notifications

- exclusions from entities


What about generell NetApp support for the OSC plug-in. For an greater production environment with more than 50 OVM virtual machines only community support is not enough.





Re: NFS Support / Backup - Restore Functions

Hello Hendrik,

We are depend on oracle to build the NFS OSC Plugin. The OVM Manager doesn't support partners NFS plugin, They have the generic NFS Plugin.

Your points are valid for VSC, we will check those functions and will integrate them  in the coming releases.

In future we will support from NetApp, Currently it's supported from community. If you need NetApp official support, can you communicate to the NetApp account team, they can find the way.