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NFS mount issue


I created one volume added to vfiler

And exported the path to one of our Unix servers and gave RW access.

And my system admin cannot do any RW on that vol.

Did anyone had same type of issue before?

Re: NFS mount issue

Did you edit exports and exportfs from vFiler root or vfiler0? I often see the export in vfiler0 which exports but isn't accessible. Has to be in the vFiler itself. Them also check on he client showmount -e vFiler

Re: NFS mount issue

You can check export volume's security type ~~~

Re: NFS mount issue

thanks Scott, Yu-Ming

i copied /vol/path... from exportfs file under root and pasted under test_vfiler exportfs file

and when i did exportfs -a from test_vfiler.. i am able to RW from host side.

need to do further testing.. will update here once we are done totally.

Re: NFS mount issue

question :

this test vfiler is setup in Dev/Test envt.

when i created a volume (TST_VOL) and exported to one test host (TST_EN).

we have another host (STARTER) which has access to both Prod and Dev/Test envt and sys admin was able to mount (TST_VOL) on this "STARTER" ( even tough i havent given any access to this host).

any thoughts why STARTER is able to do a Read on this TST_VOL ?

Re: NFS mount issue

The nfs option for auto-export is set by default…so creates an automatic export. That can be turned off.

Re: NFS mount issue

is this the one you are referring to       on

Re: NFS mount issue

Correct. Whenever you create volume it automatically creates an export. And since vol create is from vfiler0, you will see it created there before assignment…it isn’t usable in vfiler0 after it is assigned to a vfiler but often it is turned off to prevent auto exports from being created.

Re: NFS mount issue

do i need to turn it off from test_vfiler prespective or vfiler0

Re: NFS mount issue

If not needed you could do both… of to all vfilers with “vfiler run * vfiler options nfs….”