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NTP and timezone options in a vfiler

Hi all,

Is it possible to customize the NTP and the timezone option in a vfiler?

Or is it mandatory that all vfilers have the same NTP and timezone options as in the default vfiler (vfiler0) ?

Indeed, we would like to have one vfiler in a diiferent timezone than other vfiler.


Re: NTP and timezone options in a vfiler

rle Netapp Alumni

There is no way to set a separate timezone with the timezone command.

All vfilers run point to the same NTP servers as the default vfiler (vfiler0).

Re: NTP and timezone options in a vfiler


thanks for the answer

do you see a risk for users that may authenticate from several countries (therefore different Timezone) on the same Netapp box where differents Windows Domains are consolidated with Multistore ?

indeed the constraints is that the VFILER0 and ALL Domaine controllers in the same location must be synchronized with the same NTP Servers

Is i tnecessary to have different physical Filer for different Timezone ? i hope not ....

What about Daylight Saving Timezone (DST) ?

i think there is no issue even from international access but this point needs to be cleared in Netapp documentation

thanks for your feedback and advice ?