Ndmpcopy qtree too slow

Hello everybody,

I want to copy a vol which content somes qtree in a another vol. I am using ndmpcopy but the transfert is too slow (2Go in 30min).

The vol source is on 32 bit and the vol destination is on 64 bit that's why i'm using ndmpcopy.

Someone have a idea ?

Thank you very much.

Re: Ndmpcopy qtree too slow

If you want this to run faster, then use "qtree snapmirror". If you do not have a snapmirror license, ask for a trial licence (your netapp partner can provide one).

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Re: Ndmpcopy qtree too slow

Thank you for you answer and i have the snapmirror license (i have already lot of snapmirror).

But the snapmirror can work 32bit to 64bit ? i believe only ndmpcopy work

And can you tell me the command line to use "qtree snapmirror" ?

Thank you


Re: Ndmpcopy qtree too slow

Then your all set for the QSM migration...

commandline is:

filer> snapmirror initialize -S fas01:/vol/volname/qtreename fas02:/vol/volname/qtreename

thats it!

Do not create the destination qtree, it will be created by this command, or else it fails.

Re: Ndmpcopy qtree too slow

Ok thank you

The transfert is very slow :

250Mo => 6 min

i must transfert 300Go...

Re: Ndmpcopy qtree too slow

Is it important if the vol source content lof of files ? maybe if there are many files in the qtree the transfert is slowly ?

Thank you