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Need Help for MIGRATION?

Hi All,

I need your help for the following scenerio.


We have a FAS2040 in use and we had nearly 6 TB inside and we added extra 3 TB by adding extra disk shelf.

Then we added disk to the existing aggregate but some disk in the same raid group and some in new raid group. (12 disk - 5 to existing aggregate and 7 disk to new aggregate).

In this aggregate we had 3 volumes of around 1.87 TB each and we increased the space to 2.84 TB now. We have 3 LUNS created on 3 volumes and mapped to ESX server. We are using ESX4.1.

But now as per VMWare ESX 4.1 will support only LUN upto 2 TB and we need your help to sort this out and do the best practice to decrease the size of the LUN and create new LUN of 1 TB each.

Thanks for your understandings. Your reply is really appreciated.




Need Help for MIGRATION?

The volumes are thin provisioned. Please help me to plan for my migration.

Re: Need Help for MIGRATION?

what is the ontap version?

Check for the occupied size of LUN using lun show -v ,if it is ontap 8.0

If the lun occupied size is less than 1 TB so easy you can reduce the LUN size and volume size.

If it is more than 1 TB need to take a backup of VMDK file & do a restore .Also can do a volume migration if the storage space is available.


Re: Need Help for MIGRATION?


I'm assuming that you've not created any new volumes or luns since adding the extra disk capacity.

In that case the answer is fairly simple, just create a new volume and lun to the size you want and use storage vmotion to move the VM guests over (potentially without down time). Once you've cleared a volume, delete it and create a new one to your preferred size, repeating as needed.

In theory you could resize the luns, but I'm not sure VMWare will like that much.

Re: Need Help for MIGRATION?

Hi Nigel,

Yes I haven't created any new volumes. Could you please let me know how long it will take to reclaim the space when I delete the existing LUN for creating new LUN.

Thanks and Regards,

Jaffer Ali

Re: Need Help for MIGRATION?

Hi Saran,

The ontap version is 8.0.X.

I will paste the lun show -v tomorrow. Please help me out. If anyone faced the same situation please let me know.

Thanks and Regards,

Jaffer Ali

Re: Need Help for MIGRATION?

The space should be available within a few minutes of deleting the lun, if not check the snapshot (NetApp not VMware) and delete as needed.

Re: Need Help for MIGRATION?


This one is also a great option to go with.

Re: Need Help for MIGRATION?

Hi Jaffer,

Create the new LUNS with the existing space and storage vmotion the vm's, it may be a step by step but it will work.

thank you,

aK G

Re: Need Help for MIGRATION?

Thank you all for your suggestions. Let me try one and share you all my experience. Once again thanks for your time.


Jaffer Ali