Need Help reg space issue

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I has got a filer FAS 2050 with dual head. One of the volume got full and i am not sure where to start from


The filer (tap01a) are snap mirred on to nas01a and the volume that was full is as below


tap01a> df -h

Filesystem               total       used      avail capacity  Mounted on

/vol/apps/               108GB      106GB     2000MB      98%  /vol/apps/

snap reserve              12GB     2188MB    10099MB      18%  /vol/apps/..


tap01a> vol status

         Volume State      Status            Options

            am4 online     raid_dp, flex     nosnapdir=on

           apps online     raid_dp, flex     nosnapdir=on

           vol0 online     raid_dp, flex     root, nosnapdir=on

           s3d2 online     raid_dp, flex     nosnapdir=on

     isgscratch online     raid_dp, flex     nosnap=on, nosnapdir=on

           s3d1 online     raid_dp, flex     nosnapdir=on

        oracle2 online     raid_dp, flex     nosnapdir=on

           isg2 online     raid_dp, flex     nosnapdir=on

           isg3 online     raid_dp, flex    

           isg1 online     raid_dp, flex     nosnapdir=on

           s2d2 online     raid_dp, flex     nosnapdir=on

           s2d1 online     raid_dp, flex     nosnapdir=on

           gen2 online     raid_dp, flex     nosnapdir=on

      oracle_64 online     raid_dp, flex     nosnapdir=on


So had a look at the agregate level


tap01a> aggr show_space

Aggregate 'aggr0'


    Total space    WAFL reserve    Snap reserve    Usable space       BSR NVLOG

   6507880960KB     650788096KB     292854640KB    5564238224KB             0KB


Space allocated to volumes in the aggregate


Volume                          Allocated            Used       Guarantee

vol0                          242148096KB       1608164KB          volume

am4                           524862492KB     237028900KB          volume

oracle2                       288883288KB     134165804KB          volume

apps                          125976216KB     113586012KB          volume

s3d1                          519628604KB     405609800KB          volume

s3d2                          519625940KB     377316356KB          volume

s2d1                           52467916KB      15953536KB          volume

s2d2                           52450896KB       5877652KB          volume

gen2                          231560928KB      74309728KB          volume

isg1                          461877436KB     350083288KB          volume

isg2                          692836448KB     605868904KB          volume

isg3                          288692368KB     241084528KB          volume

isgscratch                    262304280KB       1750628KB          volume

oracle_64                     289371112KB     150133012KB          volume


Aggregate                       Allocated            Used           Avail

Total space                  4552686020KB    2714376312KB    1012217224KB

Snap reserve                  292854640KB      15532688KB     277321952KB

WAFL reserve                  650788096KB        402576KB     650385520KB


Is there any way that i can increase or release the space for apps volume?


Any advices will be great.




Re: Need Help reg space issue


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