Need Nexus 7000 config to support 2 scenarios

I'm looking for a working Nexus 7000 config for the following 2 scenarios -

Single mode 10g ifgrp (2 interfaces) with 2 vlans
2 switch vPC for a two interface 10g ifgrp with 2 vlans

If we bring the single mode ifgrp (e0b and e0d) up with no vlan tagging, it works fine for each sub-net.  As soon as we add vlan tagging on the cluster node, we can't ping the gateways.  Require the vlan tagging to support our failover groups.

This is what we tried on the Cisco for the single mode with 2 vlans - no dice.

config t
interface Ethernet1/14
  description <<xxx>>
  switchport mode trunk
  switchport trunk native vlan 26
  switchport trunk allowed vlan 26, 28
  no shutdown

Re: Need Nexus 7000 config to support 2 scenarios

What was the configuration on the filer side?

Re: Need Nexus 7000 config to support 2 scenarios

We were able to get the single mode scenario working.  The network engineer had set a native vlan in the port definition that was causing us issues.  Found out that the customers current Nexus implementation will not support vPC due to the way they've configured their switches.  We were able to get two LACP and two etherchannel ifgrps (there is a switch issue that is preventing us from configuring all 4 ifgrps as LACP).  Current plan is to use the one LACP ifgrp on each node as the primary and have the etherchannel ifgrps as the failover lifs.