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Need help in snap mirror

Hi Friends,

If primary box went down, can mirrored volume in secondary can be used to read/write? Is so how?


Re: Need help in snap mirror

Yes,that is possible.When the mirror relation is broken between the

two,the secondary becomes writable.Any read/write on that volume is

possible.Issue snapmirror break command from the secondary.Later if the

primary is up and you want to continue the original relation,you can

initiate snapmirror resync to restore the relation.

If you want to permanently break this relation,after snapmirror break,


snapmirror status -l and note the base snapshot name.

Delete the snapshot.You can use snap delete

Edit /etc/snapmirror.conf and delete the entry that defines this


Hope this helps.


Re: Need help in snap mirror

Thanks a lot ... its was a nice way you solved. One more challange subhada... Why exactly qtress been used? I can create volumes and create share drives. What the needs of Qtress ? Thanks.

Re: Need help in snap mirror

Qtree is logically defined filesystem within a volume.with quotas

applied on qtrees,you can manage storage resources on a per

user,usergroup basis.

Wrt snapmirror,instead of mirroring the entire volume,only the data you

are interested can be mirrored with QSM.Also with snapvault it serves as

a backup copy.


Re: Need help in snap mirror

Thanks for your answer Shubhada, It is possible to assign a Sharefoler or qtree to a Vfiler. Let me explain my setup here. I have 2 Volumes(Vol0 and Vol1) Vol1 is 10GB, I can install VFiler in that. How can create a sharefolder in Vifiler? Or is it possible to assign a existing sharefolders to Vfilers? Please clarify this.

Thanks in advance...

Re: Need help in snap mirror

A vfiler is assigned resources (can be either Qtrees or flexvols) which can then have shares / exports made on them as per the normal filer (which is vfiler0 essentially). So to answer the question you can assign an entire volume to the vfiler and create qtrees on it which will all be a used by the vfiler, or you can assign just the qtrees you want to the vfiler and not the volume. Personally, I think the requirement for qtrees is less important now with the advent of flexvols. Thats not to say there is no use case, but flexvols offer better efficiencies with thin provisioning and dedupe etc.

Hope this helps.


Re: Need help in snap mirror

Yes,you can do both.

Use vfiler run vf qtree create to create a qtree.

With vfiler create you can specify the vol name.Also vfiler add can be used to add volumes to vfiler.