Need to reboot the filer!!!!

Hi, I have a filer in remote location and its in hung state, need to reboot the filer remotely, but unable to login to the console and ideas

Re: Need to reboot the filer!!!!

Do you have the RLM (remote lan manager) configured?

IF so, you can reboot the filer from there.

Re: Need to reboot the filer!!!!

If RLM isn't configured, and if the filer isn't plugged into a power supply that you can remotely power on/off, then you're pretty much stuck with going to the remote site to power cycle.

You say you can't login on the console - is that a telnet/ssh connection or a serial connection?  If telnet/ssh, are you unable to connect, or you connect and don't have the password?  Or you login and it hangs, or ...?