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NetApp 2020 volume size.

Hi i am putting together a solution in the UK.

We are a hedge fund and i need file level with one volume of 10Tb.

Can i put a NetApp 2020 with 12x1Tb drives and a DS14 drive shelf and create a volume that spans both of these?

If not what are my options in getting these 10Tb single volume?


Re: NetApp 2020 volume size.

Hi and welcome to the communities!

Are you running ONTAP 7.3.x? if that's the case then you can have maximum of 19x 1TB data drives per aggregate (

Is your filer single-controller, not active-active? Then your setup can look as follows:

19 data drives + 4 parity drives + 3 hot-spares = 26 drives

IF you are not planning to use deduplication, then your volume can be as big as the containing aggregate, i.e. ~16TB. Otherwise you are limited to 1TB size for a duplicated volume.



Re: NetApp 2020 volume size.

Thank you.

I believe it will be 7.3.1

However i forgot to add that the USEABLE space needs to be 10Tb and not the RAW space.

It will also be dual controller.

So am i right to assume that using the standard RAID DP that the 16Tb RAW you mentioned will be cut down to less than 10Tb.

Am i also right in saying the only way i can achieve a single 10Tb useable volume is by putting in a 2040 and running ONTAP 8.0?

Re: NetApp 2020 volume size.


As you are dealing with dual-controller box, you need a different disk allocation:

- Controller A: 17 data drives + 4 parity drives + 2 hot-spares = 23 drives

- Controller B: 2 drives in RAID-4 for root aggregate &root  volume + 1 hot spare = 3 drives (that's bare minimum - you can assign more, but then your aggregate on Controller A will get smaller)

So let's try to estimate how much usable capacity you'll get out of 17x 1TB data drives:

- right-sized 1TB drive => 828GB of space (base 2 calculation, not base 10)

     -10% WAFL overhead =>745GB

     -5% default aggregate snap reserve (can be disabled though) => 708GB

Finally: 17x708GB =12,036GB

And then you can decide whether to stick or not to a default 20% volume snap reserve.


Re: NetApp 2020 volume size.

Just to make sure we understand the scenario...what's driving the 10 TB usable requirement? (some further information there might help with providing suggestions/alternatives)

Also, if you can do just under 10 TB usable, then you could do a single RAID group of 16 disks -- turns out to be right at 9.9 TB.