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NetApp CIFS Support DFSR?

Does the CIFS protocol on a NetApp FAS2000 support DFSR? I assume it support DFS, but I'm not sure about DFSR (Replicated) DFS. I know we can propose SnapMirror or other replication means, but customer is asking about DFSR in their environment. (This is pre-sales question from pre-sales engineer.) Customer desires to convert Windows File Servers to CIFS on NetApp and has a replicated DFSR environment.


Re: NetApp CIFS Support DFSR?

Hi Ken

The CIFS Protocol in NetApp Systems supports DFS, but only as a leaf object and not participating in any means in replicating data or DFS content.

Best possbile solution is SnapMirror, if possible. If not, thenuse some of the Shareware/Freeware on the market for replicating filedata.

Hope this helps,


Re: NetApp CIFS Support DFSR?


I believe it is worth to mention another product from NetApp portfolio, which can be integrated with Microsoft DFS:

It is re-branded Brocade software & cynics tend to say it is just a front-end GUI to DFC In fact it is a little bit more. E.g. with regards to replication engine there are 3 choices:

1) Integration with SnapMirror

2) DFS engine (file-level)

3) own VFM engine (byte-level)

Two latter options can be used to establish conversation between non-NetApp & NetApp storage devices, so multi-tier environment can be created e.g. to protect stand-alone hosts at branch offices and small filers at medium offices, all replicating to the core filer at HQ.

There are few extra goodies VFM can offer on top of just SnapMirror: e.g. fully automated fail-over between sites & fairly simplistic automated ILM (stale data can be migrated to a different tier of storage on a per folder basis)



Re: NetApp CIFS Support DFSR?

Bumping this as VFM is end of life, has anyone implimented NetApp CIFS -> Non-NetApp Windows hosted share replication successfully?

Initially we were sold our NetApp box with VFM / DFSR implimentation in mind, but as VFM has been taken out of the equasion we urgently require another solution so we can get replication happening to our DR site.

Fingers crossed early next year we can reclaim our lost budget and purchase a NetApp partner box for our DR site and simply use SnapMirror etc.

Re: NetApp CIFS Support DFSR?

A couple thoughts here....

  • VFM is available for purchase through 8/7/09 (not long but long enough if you hurry on it...maybe you can even get a discount ) and will be supported through 8/31/2012.
  • While I'd greatly prefer a SnapMirror/SnapVault setup (as it "just works"), there is 3rd-party heterogenous replication software out there.....this for instance for VMware environments (no hands-on experience/connection with this one I'm company resells it but I haven't used it/implemented it for customers).

Hopefully a bit helpful....

Re: NetApp CIFS Support DFSR?

Hi all

Does anyone know if there is any sort of way of adding a CIFS share to DFSR (other than with VFM like you say above) ?  I have a customer that needs to migrate a load of data off DFS shares onto a new 3140 and I am struggling with a way to do it.  OSSM maybe on the file servers ?