NetApp® OnCommand™

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I got a new FAS3210 but i do not know where to find my Netapp OnCommand license.

It is said that the Netapp OnCommand is free and within the software package.

NetApp® OnCommand™

If you can see your licenses for the filer under the NOW site, the OnCommand license will likely still be called "dfm" something or other.

NetApp® OnCommand™

I only can see the licenses in the picture

NetApp® OnCommand™

Look for a code "SW-DFMGR" and there you find the "core" license to install  the product, then navigate to:

for the rest, have fun.


NetApp® OnCommand™

I searched "SW-DFMGR" and "core",but unfortunately,I can not find them.

NetApp® OnCommand™

You get Entitlement with your hardware purchase, but you need to get a License ($0) from your Sales Rep. 

NetApp® OnCommand™

Can anyone tell me how to add member to an existing dataset from Netapp Console.

NetApp® OnCommand™


You can use "dfpm dataset add" command

dfpm dataset add help


    add -- add members to a dataset


    dfpm dataset add [ -D ] [ -N <node-name> ] <data-set-name-or-id>

        { [ <volume-name-or-id> ] | [ <qtree-name-or-id> ] |

        [ <ossv-dir-name-or-id> ] | [ <storage-system-name-or-id> ] |

        [ <host-name-or-id> ] } ...


    If -D option is specified, only dry run results will be

    displayed. No changes will be made to the dataset.

    -N option can be used to specify the node to which the

    members need to be added.  If not specified, members will

    be added to the root node.