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Re: NetApp Ontap 9.2 Upgrade – review your network first

Thanks a lot for your prompt messages!



> net int show -vserver vserver10
  (network interface show)
            Logical    Status     Network            Current       Current Is
Vserver     Interface  Admin/Oper Address/Mask       Node          Port    Home
----------- ---------- ---------- ------------------ ------------- ------- ----
            vserver10-01 up/up    node-01        a0a-180 true
            vserver10-02 up/up    node-02        a0a-180 true
            vserver10-admin up/up    node-01        e0i     true
            vserver10-c01 up/up    node-01        a0a-379 true
            vserver10-c02 up/up    node-02        a0a-379 true



We have three subnets to me, 10.192.19, 10.192.108, and 10.192.100, and three GW's for each one. Please let me know if information here is enough.



One addtional question is not clear to me. Based on my understanding, ip.fastpath.enable is enabled/disabled on nodes level. So, if I disable it, should it effect all SVM's on the node?

Re: NetApp Ontap 9.2 Upgrade – review your network first


Make sure that your SMB/NFS clients (preferrably) accessing the NetApp filer via the LIF in their local subnet. 


For example you have the LIF in SubnetA with 10.192.19.X/24 and a LIF in SubnetB with 10.192.100.X/24.

ClientA is in SubnetA and tries to access the LIF in SubnetB. The (return) traffic from the netapp filers will exit through the LIF in SubnetA and file access will break.. i ran into this behavior.



For clients accessing the NetApp filer in a subnet where there is no 'local' LIF, make sure that you configure the default gateway for that subnet and everything should work fine.


About the ip.fastpath setting per SVM... i'm not 100 percent sure but i think the ip fastpath is a global setting so not configurable per SVM. Disable or enable will affect your entire filer.

Re: NetApp Ontap 9.2 Upgrade – review your network first

I am still not sure what if there are anything we would have to do on the NetApp cluster side before the upgrade...

Re: NetApp Ontap 9.2 Upgrade – review your network first

You have 2 testing options.


  1. Using your change process that you would use for the upgrade, tell everyone that there will be an outage.  During this period disable ip fastpath and test connectivity from user IP ranges, application IP ranges, select some servers and check logs.  Generally I've found that OCUM lost connectivity with NAS and NFS broke if the lif was in the same subnet as the admin lif.
  2. Create a test environment on VMWare.  We have replicated all vfilers with non default configurations on our dev and always test with application teams before upgrade.

Your  SVM networking looks fine, whats the default gateway for the SVM and are all clients within the same subnet as their lifs?

Re: NetApp Ontap 9.2 Upgrade – review your network first

To prepare for the upgrade... just do the pre-check/steps that you would normally do to prepare for the upgrade.

Use Upgrade Advisor, make configuration (metadata) and data backups of your filers, now which client versions and protocols (SMB/NFS/iSCSI etc.) your clients are using and to which LIFs they are connecting. AFAIK isn't not mandatory to disable fastpath before the upgrade.

Re: NetApp Ontap 9.2 Upgrade – review your network first

Hi Bvanderkolk,


I would normally agree with you and always get upgrade instructions direct from Active IQ, do all the prechecks and yet we have had issues on 3 sequential upgrades, 2 majors that required several webex sessions with support.


We know there is potential for stuff to break in this upgrade so why would you not test first?


Disable fastpath during a safe time and test, if stuff breaks or loses contact (etc), then re-enable and fix infrastructure before the failure that could have been caused by actually doing the upgrade with an unknown result.


Do you work in an enterprise environment? directly with Users and live servers?





Re: NetApp Ontap 9.2 Upgrade – review your network first



I agree that testing is always a must and a preferred way of doing things, but sometimes it's not possible to take down your infrastructure outside a maintenance window. You could start your maitenance window with disabling fastpath and fixing any issues that may occur. After that you can decide to continue with the ONTAP upgrade or rollback any changes you've made.

Re: NetApp Ontap 9.2 Upgrade – review your network first

I have stated that testing fastpath should be done under the same procedure you use for the upgrade.


Assuming even monthly maintence window, if its waiting this long, it can wait for testing.





Re: NetApp Ontap 9.2 Upgrade – review your network first

First off, a lot of great information in this thread. Thanks everyone, it's helping me plan for a 9.1 to 9.3 upgrade Smiley Happy


A note though, NetApp must have updated their Upgrade Advisor, because I see they have this at the start:


Upgrade Plan Addendum
Please review the Upgrade Plan Addendum for additional checks, cautions, frequently asked questions, and errata. Incorporate
the addendum information into your upgrade preparation and execution process as appropriate. This is an all-inclusive addendum
covering all releases and is not context sensitive.


Link to Addendum: (See step 3 about this situation).


Also, the Release Notes for 9.3 (at least) say Fast Path is removed.