NetApp Plug-in for Oracle RMAN and Exadata

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Except for registering the snapshots in the RMAN catalog, What are additional benefits of using NetApp Plug-in for Oracle RMAN in an Exadata environment?

How can this tool be utilized by a customer who as Exadata as the production system, and NetApp as dev/test system?




Re: NetApp Plug-in for Oracle RMAN and Exadata

The main value of the plugin isn’t registering the snapshots, it’s the ability to instantly create backups and perform restores. It allows rman itself to drive the snapshot process.

I don’t see a lot of value with Exadata, though. The main process for using NetApp technology to back up an Exadata system is using DataGuard to replicate to a NetApp system and then using SnapManager for Oracle.

Re: NetApp Plug-in for Oracle RMAN and Exadata

Hello Avi,

In addition to steiner response, The NetApp plugin for RMAN (aka RMAN MML), provides the following features when the storage is NetApp:

1. 12c [cdb, pdb, non-cdb]

2. duplicate database

3. Protect the backup using SnapMirror and Snapvault

4. retention policy management for Local and remote storage

5. 7 Mode and cluster mode.

6. Oracle Solaris X86-64 bit