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Not sure where to ask this. I have recently become NetApp Certified. My company is looking to get me on a contract administering NetApp Clusters. It would be a huge benefit if I could practice my new knowledge on the simulator. I have only a partner account. So, I have no access to the support information. Is it possible to get access to download the simulator? I see it as a win for both me and NetApps. I would become more proficient which would make my customer happy and keep buying NetApp products.

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Hi, David!

Did you try to go at --> Downloads --> Utility ToolChest and Ctrl+F Simulator?

All the best,

Rodrigo Nascimento

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Re: NetApp Simulator

Your reply is blank.

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Re: NetApp Simulator

Thanks for responding. I only have partner access. I just got NetApp

certified and am waiting on my company to put me on a contract to administer

NetApp Clusters. I was hoping to get some practice, using the simulator so I

will be prepared for the customer.

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Congrats for you certification!

even with your partner access you can't download simulator?

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Thank you.No I cant. I get an access denied. My instructor said it's because

I don't have NOW access. I cant get NOW access since I'm not working on a

NetApp system at the moment. You have to register a serial number with your

name, or something like that, to get NOW access

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David, if you work for a NetApp partner/reseller and have an account you suposed to have the access to the support site granted. If your account is not working on (NOW) support site you need to ask to an account upgrade.

Ask for your NetApp point-of-contact for the Account Upgrade process.