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NetAppDocs v3.1P1 errors

WARNING: The Hardware-ONTAP file is out of date. An update should be downloaded from the NetAppDocs Community site and copied to the folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\NetApp\NetAppDocs PowerShell Module\NetAppDocs\Resources


Where can I get the latest download of NetAppDocs?  I use ICT to collect data on 7-mode Filers, and used to use NetAppDocs_3.1P1 for cDOT.  If NetAppDocs has been retired, what is the replacement?


Re: NetAppDocs v3.1P1 errors



there is a newer version available (v3.3), here is a link to the documentation:


and this is a link to download the tool (which requires a NetApp or Partner login)


hope that helps!





Re: NetAppDocs v3.1P1 errors

Hi there!


NetAppDocs 3.3 is available for Download from the Utility Toolchest:




Re: NetAppDocs v3.1P1 errors

Exactly what I needed.  I was able to get it installed and then updated the hardware file.


Greatly apprecated the response.