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Netapp 3140 - node Failover

We have a netpp 3140 - with a Vfiler created. and configured to allow node failover

To test the failover between the partner nodes - we did a "takeover commnd" to failover to the alternative node.

We then did a " vfiler status" to ensure the vfiler failed over and was runiing - However this does not seem to have worked

Does any one have any suggestion or able t help


Re: Netapp 3140 - node Failover

When you have the prompt "hostname(failover)" you are still entering commands on the node that took over the partner... to check the vfiler run "partner vfiler status" from that prompt... or use "partner" by itself to toggle between the two systems... when in failover mode, the partner command can be used interactive or into the shell toggle with the single command itself.

Re: Netapp 3140 - node Failover


Just to be clear - once we have used "cf takover" we loose access to that particular node - We then log onto the alternative and your advise is to run " Partner vfiler status" to show the vfiler has failed over and is runnig.

Is that correct.

Re: Netapp 3140 - node Failover


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