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Netapp Capacity Report

Hi All,

We have 30 SAS disks in our environment and i would like to know what will be the total size of these disks and USABLE SIZE ,WAFL RESERVE , AGGR SNAP RESERVE etc..

Please note we don't have SNAPSHOT at VOLUME LEVEL but we have only at the AGGR level.



Re: Netapp Capacity Report

Are these are right figures please confirm ??

Re: Netapp Capacity Report

These will NOT be exact numbers obviously, but it appears you are calculating with 300 GB disks but not right-sizing them.  300 GB disks actually right-size to 272 GB each, I think.

So you should see something like this:

30 disks, 2 parity, 28 data disks

Aggr Size:  28 * 272 = 7616 GB

WAFL Reserve:  7616 * .10 = 762 GB

Aggr Reserve:  7616 * .05 = 381 GB

Usable Aggr Size:  7616 - 762 - 381 = 6473 GB

Re: Netapp Capacity Report

Hi there,

Just take away 30% from the total GB(#of disks * size of the disk), that will be your usable capacity.

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