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Netapp Data Ontap

I have installed netapp on my esx-i (5) box,  firstly i extracted the zip file and uploaded in onto my data store and added the virtual machine into my invetory. i booted up the vm and ran option 4 and continued through the setup...

When i goto any of the 4 ip addresses i assign in netapp i am displayed with

Error 503

HTTP is not enabled (the value of option httpd.enable is off).

To administer this filer, use /na_admin/ .

Once i click the hyperlink i get this error

Error 500

Servlets not enabled

I am very new to netapp so help would be appriciated.

Edit: i am using version 8.1

Re: Netapp Ontap

Which version of simulator do you use?

And please, use more meaningful title next time. It is useless to title your question "Netapp Ontap" when you post in "Data ONTAP" forum on NetApp site.

Re: Netapp Ontap

netapp Data ontap 8.1rc2x13 7-mode

Re: Netapp Data Ontap

Data ONTAP 8.1 dropped Filer View. You need to use System Manager if you want GUI management.

Re: Netapp Data Ontap

Dont understand what u mean by "Data ONTAP 8.1 dropped Filer View." Could you explain this please

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From we no more support FilerView for ONTAP 8.1 onwards. You need to manage it through OnCommand system manager.



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There is no more support for FilerView starting with 8.1 and it is not included in Data ONTAP.

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Thanks for the quick responses and information