Netapp Products only for Backup

Hi All -

I wanted use native Netapp tools to perform backups. I know not of the tools will write to tape and that is where NDMP will come in to play with a post scrip or something but I am sure I can use Oncommand suite to backup. I have all the Snap products and essentially licensing for everything but need to figure out to put them all together for what i call a NANBUS (Netapp Native BackUp Solution)   (Yes I just now invented that acronym)

the filer is 6280 running c-mode (living on the edge) also I have filers that are running 7-mode code as well so I know that I cannot snap from 7-mode to c-mode filers and vice versa. Anyhow.. Thought to the group here. I am trying to ween away from third party products and use the Netapp tools to the fullest.

any hints, tips or tricks on my thoughts?

Re: Netapp Products only for Backup

NetApp SnapProtect can manage Snapshots, D2D replication, and tape.  Today this is really 7-Mode only, but if you have not seen the product it's something to look into.

Re: Netapp Products only for Backup


As far as compatibility matrix is concerned, these are your choices of 3rd party software for managing NDMP backups from ONTAP 8.1 C-Mode:

- Symantec BackupExec 2012

- Symantec NetBackup 7.0, 7.5

- Quest Netvault 8.6.3

- CommVault Simpana 9.0 (despite the fact SnapProtect doesn't support C-Mode yet)

- IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 5.5-6.3

In practical terms, I *think* Symantec NetBackup may be fairly popular choice & you can find some useful hints about this, e.g this one: