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Netapp Storage-Adapter to Lun mapping

Hi all,

Is there a command (CLI or ZAPI) or set of commands that I can run in order to produce storage-adapter to lun mapping?

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Re: Netapp Storage-Adapter to Lun mapping

Could you explain what you mean? I am not sure I understand the question.

Re: Netapp Storage-Adapter to Lun mapping

I know how to connect host's WWN to a LUN: lun-map-list-info

What I do not know is how do I connect that LUN to the filer's HBA.

Correct me if I'm wrong, the mapping is:

LUN -> HBA -> SWITCH -> HBA (host)    

Re: Netapp Storage-Adapter to Lun mapping

Hi Igor,

Are u looking the command sequence to map a lun to host??

Please elaborate it.

Thank you.


Bhola Gond

Re: Netapp Storage-Adapter to Lun mapping

Once a LUN is created you need to create an igroup as well. In this igroup you specify what servers are in the igroup.You then use the <lun map> command to

map to the igroup so that the servers in the igroup are ALLOWED access to the LUN. So look at the igroup as a form of access list.

When you map a LUN to a Fibre Channel igroup, the LUN is available on all of the storage system's FCP target ports if the igroup is not bound to a port set. A port set consists of a group of FCP target ports. By binding a port set to an igroup, you make the LUN available on a subset of the system’s target ports. Any host in the igroup can access the LUNs only by connecting to the target ports in the port set. You define port sets for FCP target ports only. You do not use port sets for iSCSI target ports.

If you do not bind an igroup to a port set, and you map a LUN to the igroup, then the initiators in the igroup can access the LUN on any port on the storage system.

Enter the following command:

igroup bind igroup_name portset_name


igroup bind aix-igroup1 portset4

Use this link for learning how to set the "portset"

Hope it helps!



Re: Netapp Storage-Adapter to Lun mapping

Hi Bhola,

I'm looking the command sequence to map a Lun to host, but to know also through which fibre-channel-adapter/port or storage-adapter I'm connecte.

I'm seeking: LUN -> FC/SA -> HBA(host)

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Re: Netapp Storage-Adapter to Lun mapping

Hi Igor,

I am not sure if you have read my reply, in addition to that I am here describing how to map a lun to host.

Perform the following steps to present LUNs to hosts:


  1. Log on to the NetApp FAS.
  2. Go to Filer View and authenticate.
  3. Click LUNs on the left panel.
  4. Click Manage. A list of LUNs is displayed.
  5. Click the LUN that you want to map.
  6. Click Map LUN.
  7. Click Add Groups to Map.
  8. Select the name of the host or initiator group from the list and click Add.Notes:
    1. You can leave the LUN ID section blank. A LUN ID is assigned based on the information the controllers are currently presenting.
    2. If you are re-mapping the LUN from one host to another, you can also select the Unmap box.
  9. Click Apply.

Using command line:

lun map [ -f ] lun_path initiator_group [ lun_id ]

Maps a lun to all the initiators in the supplied group. If a LUN ID is not specified,  the smallest number that can be used for the various initiators in the group is automatically picked. Note that this command can be used multiple times to configure multiple maps for a lun,  or for an initiator group. Once created you can use lun show -m to list all the LUN mappings.

The optional -f argument disables checking with the cluster partner for lun mapping conflicts.

Re: Netapp Storage-Adapter to Lun mapping

Hi Igor,

If you're running DOT 8+, the old filer viewer will no longer supported.

You may wish to use the new OnCommand system manager.

Good luck


Re: Netapp Storage-Adapter to Lun mapping

Hi Igor,

Once zoning is created on switch you can see that the host wwn is logged in which port.

Below is the example.


OS Type: windows

        Member: 10:00:00:00:c9:3b:f3:ef (logged in on: vtic, 0a)

        Member: 10:00:00:00:c9:3b:f1:d6 (logged in on: vtic, 0b)

See above the igroup is looged in on storage port 0a and 0b. its totaly depnd that while zoning which port you have selected for storage.

you can use the command fcp show  initiator to see the all host connected to storage port.

Hope this will help yo to find your answer.

and for mapping the lun to igorup i know allready.


Bhola Gond