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Netbackup 7 Integration and Support

Is Netbackup 7 supported in a NetApp environment including deduplication?  Is there still integration with OSSV and Snapvault? 

I am architecting a solution for a customer with remote sites and the customer wants to leverage their existing NBU environment.


Re: Netbackup 7 Integration and Support

Can anyone clarify, is NetBackup/SnapVault/NearStore integration no longer supported by Symantec/Veritas and NetApp?

We can't get NetBackup 6.5 to work with ONTAP 8.0 (7-mode).  It seems that this still won't work in NetBackup 7.  Anyone else have any details?

Re: Netbackup 7 Integration and Support

SnapVault for NetBackup is only supported in ONTAP 7.3 and NBU 6.5.4 or older I think and is removed from ONTAP 8.0 and NBU 7.0. I also believe that any new implementations are not supported even if using ONTAP 7.3.

A search on the NOW site should also provide this answer.

Re: Netbackup 7 Integration and Support

In my own testing of NBU 7.5 running virtual in a VMware guest, we needed the NDMP option license and the "Remote Client" option for doing direct NDMP to a tape library. (LTO5)

I'd never heard of the remote client option before, and neither had Symantec support, apparently, as they couldn't even explain why it was required.

For SnapVault stuff, I think it's gone (can you say Syncsort?), but there is a new product called "Replication Director" that can catalog snapshots, snapmirrors, and tape backups.

Not sure how that helps with your issue, but it is my $.02.  :-)


Re: Netbackup 7 Integration and Support

Hi, have you tested or tried the "replication director" and "netapp plug-in for symantec netbackup" ? I am on a project and wondering that I should talk or not to talk about this solution to my customer. Do snaphots aware of applications when replication director handled the snapshot operation? Do I need some snapmanager license? In other words, lets say that I have an oracle database running on server 2008 os as a vmware virtual machine. I also have fas3220 with nfs. will my snapshots be consistent if I use nbu and netapp plugin for nbu?

I have no experience with nbu before. I am just reading the docs now. I will be very appreciated if you can share your experiences or anyone who share his/her own experience will be more than welcome.