Netbackup ndmpd issues


We're backing up volumes on our FAS3140s running Data OnTap v7.2.6.1P7 using Symantec NetBackup v6.5.3.

The Full backup jobs, which we run over the weekend, have recently started failing after multiple retries. Symantec Support have received copies of the NetBackup logs & ndmp logs from the filer but haven't been able to assist. Weekday Incremental backups are fine.

The Full backup jobs always seem to fail at the same time so we're wondering if there could be a link to the creation of snapshots. Our other pet theory relates to NetBackup timing out before any data is written to tape, whilst creating it's dump file.

Has anyone experienced any similar issues.


Re: Netbackup ndmpd issues

I have seen this on a snapmirror target when the snapshot is updated... if netbackup is creating the backup snapshot (one is not specified in the backup set) then that snapshot won't change, but if an existing snapshot is used check if it is updated during the backup.  If it is, create a snapshot on the source system (if the mirror target for example that is updated via snapmirror) that won't change until after the backup completes.  I would also check NDMP BURTS on the NOW site for ndmp issues since there are several listed for each ontap release.

Re: Netbackup ndmpd issues

Hi, Just an update if anyone is reading this thread. As this error only occurs on our weekly full backup jobs we have to wait for the next weekly run before any troubleshooting or remedial work can be evaluated.

For our most recent weekly run we split the Netbackup jobs up into a separate policy job for each backed up volume. The original failing job was backing up multiple filer volumes. The separate jobs all completed successfully so we have a workaround albeit that we haven't got to the root of the problem.

We'll hold our breath for the next weekly full backup run.