Netboot question- new system doesn's support SAS shelves

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I have a 6080 HA system here that was shipped with 7.2.x and SAS shelves. The problem I had was we didn't see the shelves since 7.3x is required for SAS. So I netbooted and assigned disks and started initializing them. My question is how do  I get the full blown OnTap 7.3.x onto the system after the initialize is complete? I know that the netboot only has the kernal files, so I am wondering what I will need to do to do the full upgrade after the initialize is done. Can I do a software install from a webserver from the loader prompt ?

Re: Netboot question- new system doesn's support SAS shelves

You can't do a software install from the LOADER> prompt, since the LOADER is just the firmware console and not actually Data ONTAP.

When the initialize completes, run through the setup script and the system will boot into Data ONTAP.

From there, you can do a software update from a web server while Ontap is running.

e.g, software update http://ip-address/734_setup_q.exe

The "software update" command performs the same steps as a "software install" and "download" commands, but it does it all in one step.


In the event that the system is rebooted before the software is installed, you will have to perform a netboot with the 7.3.x kernel to get the system up, but you won't have to reinitialize the disks again.

Re: Netboot question- new system doesn's support SAS shelves

So after the initialize, how will I be able to boot into OnTap ? Will the netboot I just did put enough files in root to make it boot into  7.3? I am confused this I thought the netboot inmage was only enough to get the system into loader prompt and not a full blown OnTap 7.3. And the existing 7.2.x release on the system doesn't recognize SAS so It wouldn't see the shelves ?


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Netboot only loads the new kernel in memory - it isn't saved to disk or the compact flash until you do a software update or software install and download.

After the initialize, the system will immediately start the setup script.

Once that's completed, you'll be running a minimal version of Data Ontap 7.3.x, which will stay that way until you reboot. This minimal version doesn't have the full software installed, so you'll have to install Data Ontap.

Perform the software update process, and the Data Ontap software package will get installed and downloaded to the compact flash card so the system can boot with 7.3.x.

Also, don't forget to install the software license keys - look them up on the NOW site with the system's serial number.

Re: Netboot question- new system doesn's support SAS shelves

Thank you Giuliano,

It was as simple as what you posted.