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New NetApp SSD Drives 100GB


NetApp has now incl. SSD drives to its long list of drives, but do any of you know where i can find tecnical detail about the drives, what type of SSDs? What about implementation, are the drives configured the same as FC/SAS/SATA with Raid-DP ?

I have tried to search on the NOW webpage, and the Fieldportal, but i have not seen any information about the SSDs.

If any of you have a NOW or FieldPortal link, please share it.....



Re: New NetApp SSD Drives 100GB

Re: New NetApp SSD Drives 100GB

Hi Petter,

As one of my NetApp friends described it, SSD intro was a "very secret squirrel" , so it took many (if not all) of us by surprise!

But actually if you type "SSD" as the search string on Field Portal, you should get a number of hits, e.g.: